Content cleared
11 weeks from starting our 25-man raid team (that raids 2 nights a week for a combined 8 hours) we've finally cleared all the content with our Sartharion 3 Drake kill last night. Thanks to all those who were with us last night and those who have helped us get here. A special thanks to Sigurros who couldn't follow instructions and change his title. =)

The only big achievements we have left are the Immortal and a 6-min Malygos kill to get our Heroic Glory of the Raider so our work isn't over yet.
Burning Crusade Raid Series
Just wanted to say thanks and congratulations to everyone who helped us over the course of TBC raiding to help us see the death of Illidan several times and also kill some bosses in Sunwell. Also, a very very big thanks to Kiralyn for leading the raids through that time and pushing us to get as far as we did.

If WoWJutsu is accurate, here are the final standings for Mal'Ganis:

And the final standings for Alliance:

Not too bad if you ask me.

-- Yuya
WotLK Reputation at level 80
A big improvement to the game (probably not news to most of you) but Blizzard has made gaining reputation for factions a little more convenient at level 80.

Basically, you get a tabard with whatever faction and wear it while in a level 80 dungeon. Rep gains will be applied to whatever faction your tabard is instead of whatever the "default" faction gain for that instance would be. I believe the current gains are 5 rep per mob kill, 30 per boss kill (without the human racial).

This should make it easier to find groups for 5-mans, normal and heroic, since everyone can still gain from going, even if the instance doesn't have any gear you need.

-- Yuya
Ghostcrawler on raiding in WotLK
Not the official stance but something he is thinking about

I think it's too early to say. We just haven't gotten to that content yet. Everything that follows beyond this point is just my random brain dumping and not our official stance:

-- Raiding is easy at the moment. Even Naxx will be pretty easy. Part of that is because we thought Karazhan, Gruul and Magtheridon were too steep a jump in difficulty from the heroics. Part of that is because most of the Naxx encounters are well-understood.

-- You will not be able to AE tank and AE burn down every encounter in Lich King like we're all doing now in Hyjal and Sunwell.

-- Very few players experienced Sunwell pre-nerf.

-- On the other hand, those that did were generally very complimentary of the encounters. Despite the difficulty, people had fun.

-- No matter how difficult we make content, very hardcore groups will probably still finish it quickly. In other words, we can't make "insanely difficult" the barrier that keeps a boss alive for months.

-- It's probably okay if some content is only seen by a few players. It just amps up the epic quotient of those fights. Everyone knew who Ragnaros was, even if they hadn't been able to beat him.

-- Obviously the preceeding is a very slippery slope and it's easy to make content too difficult or too easy.

-- Part of the reason Sunwell was difficult was it mandated raid stacking. The buff / debuff system has changed so much that we don't anticipate that happening again the same way.

-- We really like optional objectives that let skilled groups really test their mettle (and then show off about it). I'm talking about things like the 45-min Baron run, ZA bear run, and Chamber of the Aspects with all drakes up. Does this mean Arthas will be doable by many groups but the uber mode to beat him will be 10x as hard and offer better loot? We're just not there yet.
It is, DONE!

Yuya's Recap (zomg!!!)
Archimonde 1st kill on August 8. Bloodboil first kill on Sept. 10.

We've overcome a lot of problems with losing raiders to life, burn-out, the looming expansion lull but we've replaced and moved on having our best raid week ever clearing Hyjal and taking down 5 bosses in BT with only 6-7 hours of raiding due to late starts. Keep up the focus and good work everyone!

To catch up, here are our exploits from the past month or so...

Moving forward, we're looking to kill Archimonde as soon as people learn what a straight line is, followed or proceeded by Bloodboil depending on how our raid weeks fall. I apologize for the lack of updates, and I'll be keeping this place current "soon."

A Week in Pictures
Sunday night:

Tuesday night:

Tonight? Who knows. A little Archimonde action anyone? That's 1-shot on two progression bosses. We've wiped more to trash than to bosses in this instance, and I don't think the ride is quite over...

Playing Catch-up
A huge congrats out to us post 2.4. Two weeks of raiding, and two new guild firsts. Rage on the 1st, and Anatheron on the 8th. We're making some serious progress into tier 6 content, and I'd say there's a good chance of at least one new kill next week, if not two. Just as importantly, we wiped to Vashj at 1% last night. We executed the fight perfectly, and everyone is kicking themselves over the 'if-onlys'. For those who don't know, we're doing a cleanup on Sunday at 8 server to drop her and get some vials. Be on and ready as early as possible if you want to give us a hand. Cheerleaders welcome. Again, amazing job these last two weeks on progression content. We keep this up, and we'll be staring down Illidan before we know it.


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